Soldering on current inputs on wrong side of emon TX V3

I soldered the current clamp inputs to the wrong side of the board and was worried that the phase angle will be off 90 degrees. Is this a valid concern? And if so can it be fixed with the correct phase shift?

You are not making any sense there. The emonTx V3 comes fully assembled. And I don’t see where 90° comes into the picture.

You need to explain yourself a little better. For a start, do you mean you have an emonTx Shield?

I’m sorry for the mistake, yes I do have the shield not the tx v3. With a little more consideration I realized that I don’t think there would be a phase change as the current clamp can be reversed (taken off rotated the 180 degrees and put back on the same wire) without an expected input change. I am still wondering if there might be an issue with my circuit otherwise none-the-less having soldered the 3.5mm Jack on the wrong side.

Yes, the issue is the pin numbers. If you searched the ‘Archived’ section, you’d find you’re not the first to make that mistake - 3.5 MM Jacks soldered on wrong side of EmonTx Arduino Shield SMT | Archived Forum. You can do as I suggested there, or, if you study the pcb layout and circuit diagram, you’ll see that by swapping the connections to the jack plug (tip and ring), you’ll be OK. Or, you can solder a wire link between tip and ring connections on the socket pads on the pcb.

Phase shift doesn’t come into it, because the c.t is connected tip & sleeve (nomally) but for you, ring and sleeve.

The issue you might have is the length of the header is now not enough because the sockets are in the way.