Solax Hybrid Gen 2 (SK-SU5000E) export control not working

Hi All,
I have a Solax Hybrid Gen 2 (SK-SU5000E) with CT and having issues with getting the export control feature working (I am wanting zero export). I can set a value from the front panel or phone app to 0W but the inverter does not enforce the setting and pushes whatever is available to the grid. The manual says this is a feature of the inverter.

My SK-SU5000E is running firmware
Mainboard version 25,
Charger version 80, and
Manager version 21

Do you think I need a firmware update or use a Modbus Meter rather than a CT to get Zero Export Control working?
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
ps I also wouldn’t say no if anyone has a newer firmware they could share:)

Looks like old firmware was the issue.

My SK-SU5000E is now updated to
Mainboard version 25->37
Charger version 80->87, and
Manager version 21->31

Further testing to go but it looks like it now controls the export to grid with the update.
Big shout out to Alastair for the help, it was greatly appreciated.

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