Solar PV Data Sample: OpenEVSE solar PV divert simulation

We’ve been doing some testing with the OpenEVSE solar PV divert, to help with this I’ve created 3 data samples from various types of solar PV days. I’ve posted the data below since it may be useful to someone else.

Data is in CSV format in W with data time string:

day1.csv (20.1 KB)

day2.csv (20.6 KB)

day3.csv (20.4 KB)

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Heres a few more for your testing @glyn.hudson

Cloudy morning and sunny afternoon

CloudyMorning.csv (17.9 KB)

Almost perfect…

almostperfect.csv (17.8 KB)


Great, thanks! :+1:

@jeremypoulter has been using these solar PV data samples to simulate OpenEVSE solar PV divert:

Work has begun on improving the OpenEVSE solar PV divert, these improvements will be back ported to the ESP8266 WiFi 2.x version but first implemented on the ESP32 Wif 3.x version see:

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Nice work, so this change makes it only charge the car when there is solar export and stops at all other times?

Does this work okay with Tesla model 3 ?

Yes and yes. It will work with all EV’s

However, is not quite ready for release yet. Will be available soon as na OTA update for all EmonEVSE / OpenEVSE units. Solar PV divert feature is already supported but this takes it a step further.

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