Solar PV data over 3G GSM using caching

We have a potential data contributor to our project who may need to send his data to us via his local cellphone node. I’ve just read that your latest firmware supports the Huawei HiLink E3231 USB modem out of the box (is that correct?) but I was wondering if the system also caches data so that it doesn’t have to connect more often than, say, once per hour or once per day? Is it clever enough to re-attempt to send cached data if it wasn’t wasn’t able to establish a connection? We would still want to sample at 30-second intervals.

Project Lead, greenDATA project

Sorry, for the late reply! Just seen this post in a search


Yes, you can increase the sendinterval config variable in emonhub.conf this will set how regularly the system will bulk upload to or any other Emoncms remote server.

Excellent - but where is the sample rate set? Is there a line missing from this block? Did earlier versions of the code have another setting here?

No, the sample rate has always been set in the emonpi / emontx firmware