Solar PV & Battery Dashboard

I was wondering if there is a dashboard for Solar PV & Battery similar to the Solar PV & Electric dashboard.

At the moment setting this up means using the old dashboards & widgets which don’t work well on mobile.

Is this in the dashboards pipeline?

Hello @MykeAdam and welcome!
Unfortunately there isn’t an app dashboard for this, although it would I agree be a nice addition. It’s not in the immediate pipeline either, if anyone wants to try that would be amazing.

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Any documentation available on how to build dashboard apps?

@TrystanLea Can I get away with using the My Electric & Solar Dashboard and substitute the electric feed with battery feed?

Double checking the app module I realise there is already a battery my solar app in development, but it stalled as it needs to be separated out to a separate battery specific app [mysolarpvdivert] Add support for batteries by sysrqio · Pull Request #30 · emoncms/app · GitHub I wont get a chance in the short term to look at this, so if anyone else wants to help, feel free.

There is a template app for getting familiar with developing for the apps module here: app/apps/template at master · emoncms/app · GitHub but other than that no specific developer documentation. We are a small team here unfortunately.

Im not sure if that will work? depends on what you want to see…