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Solar not reading correctly Type 2 install

Help please…

With solar circuit MCB isolated :
USE NOW : 341W IMPORT : 320 W SOLAR PV: 26 W
So there is some residual reading on the solar CT …

With Solar MCB on :
USE NOW : 616W IMPORT : 294 W SOLAR PV: 320 W
November and cloudy… but USE is [Import + PV]?

With Kettle on
USE NOW : 2851W IMPORT : 2524 W SOLAR PV: 289 W
USE correlates with smart meter display, Import is now as expected - [USE minus PV]

Have configured emonPi as type 2. tried reversing solar and export CT’s (not at same time)
Voltage indicates O.K. but maybe there is VI phase error or CT non-linearity ?