Solar monitoring

Dear Members we have a solarfield with 16 Kaco powador 60 TL inverters with a kaco logger.

As we want to change to a open source monitoring system and follow our energy and inverters in our own server portal.

we have a RS 485 connection and internet at site .

what hardware and software can we use here to monitor every inverter .

Do you want to continue to use your Kaco data logger?

Can you change the format of the message that it sends to comply with the API for emonCMS? (see Setup > API at ) ?

If you wish to continue with the Kaco data logger and you can change the message that it sends to suit, then it is very easy: you set up a copy of emoncms on your server and send the data. If you look at forum topics here tagged “Emoncms”, “Showcase” or “Applications”, I think you will find examples of the sort of data display that you can have.

If you cannot change from the email text file format, you will need to find a local software expert who can either write a program for you to read the text file and send the data to emoncms in the format it expects, or write a module for emoncms what will itself read the text file.

Without knowing exactly what information you need, how the data is transferred from the inverter to the data logger, and how the data logger sends the data, I’m sorry but I cannot help much more.

As Robert mentions, I suspect you will need to look at getting the RS485 connection over USB into a Raspberry PI or similar and then some custom code needs to be written to interface with that protocol.

emoncms is very good for solar monitoring, so I do recommend that you give it a go!

Dear i do not now much about the emonCMS or kaco can send data or not best way

we need some expert who can help us wıth thıs ıssue de arw ready to buy a logger or softwqre or something else just need to know that the inverter send information and se in a portal

oh how to do that all kaco output rs 485 but can this be readed by another device or not

A quick Google will give you the answer…