Solar feed displayed as negative

After turning away for a few weeks, I’ve gone back to the dashboard and noticed the kwhperiod widget for consumption, solar and battery feeds are all showing 0kwh.

The feeds are still working and have expected values and other graphs are showing the correct value.

Anyone seen this before, or have an idea what might have happened.

There was an issue with the kwhperiod widget in a recent update, which has since been fixed - you may need to clear your browser cache.

Thanks Tim, but I am not using the cloud version, all my data is local to my home network. I tried clearing the cache anyway, but with no joy.
I’ve also noticed the solar data (amongst others) when graphed is dipping below 0, although the feed is not.
I’ve not changed anything in a very long time (1 year), so I am unsure what has gone wrong with the config.
Any more ideas would be appreciated.

If it’s only by a very small amount, that is to be expected. Most inverters draw a small “stay-alive” current overnight, which should appear as a negative value (our convention is solar generation is positive, as is power imported from the grid).

I mentioned it because the same issue affects self hosted installed as well, since version 11.0.5. Which version are you running? Did you update it recently?

You can perhaps fix your graphs by setting the Y-axis to have a minimum value of 0.