Solar Divert App is Stuck in a Loop!

I’ve just built myself a simple power pickup sensor (CT, Arduino Nano and a PiZero) for the mains feed to my iBoost immersion divert. I gave up trying to reverse engineer the closed wireless protocol iBoost uses, and it’s available now unlike EmonTX! Although possibly less accurate than both the other options it will do for now. If anyone interested I can post this elsewhere.

Anyway I now have a feed in my emonPI for divert and am trying to configure the Solar divert app on a local emonCMS. I have configured all the feeds but when I start up I get the error shown and then the constantly rotating wheel. Most likely I have messed up the config. But… there is no “Spanner” in the top right as there is on the solar divert I can correct it with - I am stuck in a loop and can’t even see a way to delete it and start again.

How can I edit or delete it?

Hiya, try this:

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Sorry for the delay replying, yes that helps I can delete it now. But I still can’t create it I get same error message. My diverter feed is working fine I can graph it, I set up the divert app as I think it should be - see attached - but I get the error! Am I doing something wrong. The Solar app works perfectly. it’s just the one with divert that fails!

Do you have the following feeds named exactly like this: use, use_kwh, solar, solar_kwh, import_kwh?

I think so - see attached. they all work in the basic solar one - I go in and edit the settings for the diversion, it’s in the list to pick “immersion_diverter” and “immersion_diverter_kwh” - do you mean feed has to be called “divert” and “divert_kwh” ?

So it seems the solution is indeed to use the default names - even though there are options in the dropdown to pick other names like “immersion_diverter” they seem to be ignored resulting in the spinnign wheel of doom.

I renamed the feeds to “divert” and “divert_kwh” and it just works. Thanks to @christian for the tip that helped me solve it.

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