Solar App Not showing 1h option since update to 10.1.2

Previously I had the option of 1h, 8h, D, W, M, Y.

It has now changed to 3h, 6h, D, W, M, Y.

Was this meant to happen? Are the time intervals user changable?

Also the height and width of graph no longer scales to the screen size, at least not on a 1920 x 1200 screen.

Glyn & Trystan should be back at work within a week, they’ll probably pick this up then.


I also notice that the Solar App no longer works in the Android browser “Lightning”.

Do you know what is not working?

Sorry I should have explained better.

The menu appears and then the rotating loading icon just sits there spinning. These Android devices are running older versions of Android. I realise now that I need to check if the problem occurs on more recent versions of Android with the Lightning browser.

No problems with recent Android versions and Chrome.