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Sofar2mqtt solar and battery inverter interface

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I just wanted to let you all know about my mqtt interface for Sofar ME3000SP and Hybrid model battery inverters. I posted here an age ago about wanting to make such a thing and received a detailed reply from @pb66. I wasn’t ignoring you Paul, it just took me quite a while to understand the reply!!

Having run this since new year and got to a stable release candidate, if you have an ME3000SP or HYD model Sofar inverter and would like to get all the run state data into Emoncms via MQTT and Node-Red, and even set the charge/discharge mode on your own schedule (perhaps in response to Octopus Agile cost, as I do) then I’d love your feedback.

You can grab the code from my Github. Make sure you select the RC1 release (or later).


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Nice documentation on your github, thanks for sharing @cmcg!

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This looks very interesting :slight_smile:


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