Sofar ME3000SP Inverter to Pylontech battery communications

I have a Sofar ME3000SP energy storage inverter which I’ve been using with lead acid batteries.
I now want to change to a Pylontech battery but am confused with regard to the Canbus port which should be a 4P4C connector but is in fact an 8P8C port.
I know the unit, which I purchased second hand, is around 6 years old & am wondering whether the connectors were changed on later models.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


the cable you need will depend on the battery you use, the newer “C” batteries use a different cable from the older “B” and no letter batteries. You may also need to do a firmware update if you want to use a newer battery. This link should help Sofar Solar ME3000SP Firmware Upgrade Procedure | Setfire Labs