Smart Meters, P1 port and PV diversion


We still have a Ferraris meter for some 2 years, but I know some with a smart meter. We all live in Belgium. According to this brochure there is ‘user port for consumption information (P1)’ and a ‘user port for advanced detection and control applications (S1)’.

Could this P1-port be used to control an energy diverter? It would be nice if the cost for another energy monitoring system could be avoided. I’ve searched mk2pvrouter, but I couldn’t find the combination ‘smart meter’ and ‘P1’ or ‘S1’.

Kind regards

Firstly, the Mk2PVRouter is a totally self-contained system, it relies on nothing else to operate. Secondly, Robin Emley’s experience of smart meters is they differ - there is no consistent standard relating to how they operate, either from country to country, or manufacturer to manufacturer. I know he offers different software to customers in France because French meters behave differently.

The Mk2PVRouter will respond to a change in the energy flow within 2 mains cycles (40 ms), so to successfully emulate this level of performance, you will need to get the same information from the meter within the same time scale. I cannot see anything in the document you referred to that indicates the rate at which the information is updated. I think this will be crucial if you need to accurately divert the energy.

I have found that the P1-port sends its electricity data every second (gas every 5 minutes). But that info was on an unofficial website. And I didn’t find more detailed information about the smart meter ‘Sagemcom S211’ or ‘Sagemcom T211-D’. But I guess the frequency on the P1-port will be too low anyway to use for PV diversion :frowning: .

The S1-port has a higher frequency (=?) but I don’t think it provides output that can be uses for PV diversion. I only read about “Sampling of the sine-wave voltage”.

The “no consistent standard relating to how they operate” is very unfortunate :frowning: . But thanks for your quick answer!