Smart meter output to windows PC

I have a Landis and Gyr E470 for electricity and a Trilliant for gas both supplied bt British Gas which I understand uses ZigBee. I also have a SmartThings hub which is ZigBee compatible. Does anybody know of an app which I can use to collect the data in the form of a spreadsheet so I can analyse my energy useage. I can get the data I want from the supplied display but I want to make it automatic.

Hello @Epictetus, @beaylott at CarbonCoop has been working on software for this that interacts with n3rgy data - accessing smart energy data might be worth trying out.

We are a paying business customer and I understand that there is some differences between free consumer and paid-for business service. Im not sure what status is for getting data from Trilliant/L&G. We have not had any success with them so far through n3rgy. Most of the ones we have online are Secure from what I can tell.

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