SMA inverter and Elster meter

I’ve recently connected someone’s SMA Sunnyboy 6000TL inverter via ethernet to make use of it’s inbuilt SMA Webconnect service. They’ve wasted 7 years worth of potential solar generation data due to not having an ethernet connection… and doing the registration process… utter tragedy.

My plan is to use an emonSD loaded rPi to

  1. Run a python script to collect data from SMA Webconnect,
  2. Read pulses from a nearby Elster, and;
  3. Run the math to attain accurate real-time Generation / Import / Export data for an emoncms dashboard.

I post this note here as I’ll try document the process but also to invite anyone with experience to point me in the right direction if they’ve done something similar before, particularly getting data from SMA inverters :slight_smile:

One thing I’d like to know, is the procedure for running a python script on a emonSD loaded Pi to pass on data internally to emoncms inputs. Anyone here have the basics covered?

My starting points are these:

and this:

i fink i sor sumfink in lern about it but i carn fine it now.

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