Since Friday 19.01 it seems that the writing into the database for one device stopped - need help

The data is send from my opendtu via MQTT to EmonCms and on this picture you see that it receives the data

But in the graph there is no data visible. so i guess its not written into the db for the specific device

all other devises (s0 logger, mqtt-tasmota-switch send data and its received in the DB).

other device - s0 logger

other mgtt-tasmota-client

Any idea how to analyse the problem or to fix it ?
Big Thnx

What i found out so far. The data is available but the behaviour of the Graph-Setup changed somehow (so far this was still a miracle for me).
When i just setup the graph and he chooses the fixed intervall number (which is default) - in this picture 900 - the data is missing

When i change the intervall to 100 as an example its there again.

The hole data viewer is not realy working properly as the behaviour of this page is more miracle as understandable.
When i save the intervall 100 stepping out and in again then the data is vanished again.
not very amusing this tool

I am lost to fix this bug - for me this is a bug is i define a graph and its gone after reload and after selecting the changes

And when i save the changes to the graph they are lost and only after repeating several times they are taken.

For me this Graphs are the most annoying part of this great solution and full of bugs. Its cumbersome to edit and update this graphs and sometime only making them new helps.

Update doesnt work at all. so after 1h of retrying and saving several times the graphs now show all the date again. lets see how long

Hello @awiltschek

For the first issue, try enabling averaging for each feed in the options box below the graph. It looks like the data coming in is not particular regular but there may be more data present than you’re seeing. If you enable averaging it may show up.

Thnx this helped somehow - its now more reliable also with the old intervall 900