Simple Zoom Not displaying Power

Hi Guys,

I am posting data to and my systems were offline for about 6 months, I have started posting again but have found a few issues with my dashboards, an example is my solar dashboard
when switching between power and kwhd, the kwhd is displaying information but the power is blank.

I have seen various issues with my dashboards and multigraphs, some feeds I have had to delete to get the data to dispaly.

So just to add, I took the input 2 that’s logging to the feed solar_power and added a 2nd “log to feed” to Solar, if I open the data viewer I can see all the new data for the new feed Solar, but the old feed solar_power is still not displaying any details ?

Try logging your inputs the data to a new feed. There is a issue with emoncms where some feeds that have been dormant for a long time get archived. I will ask @TrystanLea to take a look when he’s back from holiday.

Thanks Glyn,

Logging to a new feed works, I would if possible not like to loose my historic data so I’ll wait a while for Trystan,

Shot !


Please could you post some screenshots illustrating the issue @TrystanLea is back from holiday next week. He will take a look.

Hey Guys,
I eventually deleted all my old feeds and started again. All is fine now with the feeds.