Simple MQTT client for Windows 10

Whilst researching the MQTT topic I discovered a simple client available in the Windows Store, for those wanting a quick, easy, Windows orientated way to look at MQTT this might meet your requirement.

App is called M2Mqtt Spy -

The screenshot is how to configure the app to consume a topic from a EmonPi

The developer of the app, Paolo Patierno, has also written a.Net MQTTclient - for anyone of a .Net persuasion

Nice, I like MQTT lens Chrome Extension MQTTLens - Chrome Web Store

I hear you @glyn.hudson just never taken to Google, the same way as many people can’t take to Microsoft. But we have choices which is great

There’s also MQTT Spy which I’ve found pretty useful in the past.

I’ll try these other ones as well though. Always good to have options - not only Google and MS but also tools like these.


I would recommend to test MQTT Observer at GitHub. It was created as an helper in an Escape Room 2.0 project to monitor several Arduinos and Raspberries.

You create observation displays to filter out some topics, to filter out some messages starting with specific strings and to display fool topic or extracted correspondent. You can identify forgotten topics with remaining wills, and select wills to reset.

Save server and observation settings as sessions, to retrieve further.

Try Bevywise MQTT Simulator for the complete Functional and performance testing.

Check out an even easier way Just two steps if you have Windows 10…

Except that you are actually installing an MQTT server on Win 10 not just observing the MQTT traffic on your network.