Simple guide to upgrading EmonPi / EmonCMS

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Hi there.
I’m slighly lost…
I’m trying to figure out how to upgrade my emonPi (currently running low-write 9.8.7 | 2017.06.16, all with the pre-build SD card that was provided with the device when I bought it).

I want to upgrade emonCMS to the most recent stable version (which fixes a number of things from what I read, including my issue with virtual feeds about which I posted earlier today). I also want to upgrade anything else that may be relevant to make that work (emonPi firmware? emonBase?)

The only link I found so far is and it seems fairly out of date (2.5 years). It doesn’t mention git at all, which I’m getting the impression is the way to go these days…
Is there anything more up to date anywhere?

Answering my own question: http://emonpi/emoncms/admin/view has all that’s required…