Shutdown not working

Hi all

I have just updated to emonSD 26Okt17

Can you confirm that holding the button for 5 sec. will not display the countdown and the emonPi will
not shutdown.

Nighter will the shutdown button under setup>administation display any shutdown info in the display…

best regards

Oh dear, sorry to hear. Does the push button work to scroll through the lcd menu? Can you shut down the unit via the admin menu when logged into local emoncms?

Apparently he cannot - or at least, he has no indication that it is or has shut down.

I can shut down the emonPi from the admin menu. but there is no indication that the unit is down, still showing the WIFI ip address.

I can scroll through the lcd menu.

but holding the push button for 5 sec. will not shutdown the unit…

the only way I can tell the unit is down is that der is no response in the web interface.

Also if I attach a new sensor ds18b20 or a CT-sensor it will not show any measurement in the input page before I hit Update emonPi in the admin menu…

I have updated one emonPi from version emonSD-07Nov16 to emonSD-26Oct17 but I have a total of 10 emonPI’s to update…

This is the same with the emonTx, emonTH and the emonPi. From the FAQ:

Q: My emonTx / emonTH / emonPi won’t read the new sensor that I just plugged in. How do I fix it?

  • Power down and power up again.

    Almost all of the sensors attached to an emon sensor node (emonPi, emonTx, emonTH) need to be present at power-up, else they will be ignored.
    The sensors are handled by the Atmel 328P inside the same enclosure as - but independent of - the Raspberry Pi. So rebooting only the Raspberry Pi will not resolve the issue. Powering off, then on again, resets the 328.