Should pipes in unheated garage be insulated?

Hi chaps. I have a couple of small (15mm?) PVC radiator pipes running through a unheated garage. (5m of pvc pipe with a couple of 90 degree copper joints)

Are there any regs to say these should be insulated on a heat pump install?

I can only find information about insulating them (pipes outside of the ‘heating envelope’) on new builds…

Hi Peter,

I don’t know how much heat plastic pipe loses compared to copper but unless you want to lose that heat to your garage then you are best of insulating them, it is cheap enough to do and access sounds easy.

Maybe even better would be to replace the pipe with copper if you have chance.

if its outside the fabric of the building or unheated - yes insulate

The regulations apply regardless of the heat source. Unless the heat loss is beneficial to your garage then they sould be insulated with 25mm wall foam insulation, as it is classed as an unheated area.

Why do you care about the regs? What matters is whether you’re wasting heat, and an uninsulated hot pipe is wasting heat, especially in an unheated area.