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Shipping to France feedback

Just to let you know, i ordered my emonpi Shield kit on July the 10th and received it today July 28th.
I choosed the standard shipping and didn’t pay any custom fees wich is strange, especially with the new EU VAT reform. (I won’t complain ;-))

Time so set it up now.


That’s good to hear. What value was you order? Orders under a certain value often slip under the import tax radar.

Hello, the order was £45.74 GBP + shipping.
Indeed, it used to pass through, especially with standard shipping.

But now, the VAT should be collected by the french postoffice, with no minimum. Not sure tho the french customs or post offices are ready for that.

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I think you’ve just been lucky! It’s very useful feedback to hear this, it’s often difficult for us to know how different countries are processing import TAX

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I also haven’t had any difficulties regarding that.

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Most of my Mk2 PV Router business is now with customers in France. Since the start of this year, I’ve had to attach a CN22 customs form on which I include an HS Tariff number of 8538 1000. That number was supplied to me on request by the appropriate authority. It covers a variety of goods including miscellaneous components for electrical systems.

Generally, deliveries have been within a few days and I’m not aware of any extra tariffs being imposed. The value of my standard kit of parts for a 1-load Mk2 PV Router with Tracked delivery to France is £128.

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