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Shipping costs

Hi! I’m from Mexico and I’m considering to buy an EmonTx+EmonBase, or an EmonTx+WiFi, however I have some questions regarding shipping fees. If you could provide contact information.
Thank you in advance.

Shipping is calculated on the last stage of checkout, we offer various shipping options based on weight of items. If you would like more info please email the shop [email protected]

Hi again,

I’ve been considering buying some of your products, however in relation to shipping, I’m told by the customs office here in my country (Mexico), that there are 5 main points of entry to my country. In order to avoid the costs of traveling too far, in case there is an issue with my product (I would have to be there personally at the customs office of that entry point in order to release the package if any fees apply to it), the customs officer advised me to request the package be sent through La Paz airport or Los Cabos airport.

Is it possible to do this?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Alejandra,

I’m not sure how that could be done. Please email the shop to discuss further, we’ll do our best to help: [email protected].