Sharpe does not continue charging - Dacia Spring

When I have less than 6A because I put the washing machine, dishwasher or other appliance, the electric charge stops.

When I have more than 6A again, even if I wait for minutes, hours, it doesn’t come back until I press the START vehicle APP. Is there something I can do?

You could try enabling ‘sleep’ pause state

Some vehicles will shutdown if left in sleep mode (pilot signal enable) and can not be woken up thereafter by the charger.

Changing the pause state to disable should resolve this issue.
However this removes the ability for the charger to detect if a vehicle is connected when paused.

If this doesn’t work you could set a very long ‘Minimum Charge Time’ duration in solar PV divert settings to avoid the unit pausing during solar PV charging:

This is how I had it:
I understand that I should put it like this:

I don’t have license plates, I only use the SHAPER so that the differential at home does not jump.

By not detecting the car, does that mean that the RELAY will be activating and deactivating? Or that I have to activate the first load?

Note: I’m not home right now, I’ll have to try it.

Could you simulate by HTTP API how to remove the cable and put it? Which is it?

In some public chargers, I simply remove the cable, put it back, it starts again… (in the car it remains blocked the same).

So maybe from HA, you could send it if the pertinent conditions are met, force it.


No, this just means the UI won’t display if the car is connected or now when the EVSE is in disabled charging state.

This is an issue with the car rather than the EVSE. Try and put pressure on your dealer to get this resolved. This is the same issue which used to effect Renault Zoes which Renault fixed with a software update. The Dacia Spring uses the same platform as a Zoe so hopefully this software update will be available for your car. This update needs to be applied by the dealer.

Yes, in the end DACIA is from the RENAULT group and it seems that they have the same problem, I am going to write a problem indicating the ZOE to see if they can fix it.

Thank you very much for your kindness and your information.

Note: I read in a post from another forum the following, that the POLICHARGE NW did detect it but the POLICHARGE PRO did not.

But I have not been able to confirm it… to know what mode it uses.

I have already contacted the distributor, I hope other users contact.

The GUI kept detecting my car. And still can’t get the charge back.

I have looked in /config and it appears:
pause_uses_disabled: true

What am I doing wrong? I thought changing this would make it work.

Now I doubt it has been changed, because you indicated to me that it would not detect the car, but it does detect it. Or did I misunderstand.

Since I am using the translator.