Setup on Emon CMS/ac battery

I did search but probably failed.
I have just setup a raspberry pi 3b+ with the emonsd and added the 433mhz add on to receive data from the Emon tx, all good there, receiving and logging. Although I’m sure it needs tweaks for the apps to show export correctly (setup as solarpv1)
I’ve followed the guides and setup a basic dashboard to display on an attached 7in display which I got working last night.

Firstly how do I display daily generation on the dashboard rather than total as it is now? Another feed?

I also have an ac coupled battery that I would like to monitor kwh hours in and out, I have a ct clamp on but struggling to figure out how to do that?
I’m sure these are the first of probably many questions.
If anyone could help me with the above it would be appreciated.


Welcome, Graham.

I’m not an emonCMS expert, but I see nobody has come forward to help, so I’ll try my best. But I’m not off to a good start:

I think you can have bar charts on a daily basis - would that do what you want? I don’t think it’s possible to reset an accumulating total every midnight, if that’s what you had in mind.
Hopefully, somebody who knows emonCMS better than I do will be able to help you with this.

You need to know the direction of power flow, and for that you also need your emonTx to have the a.c. adapter to monitor the voltage. I take it you have that.
In the input processing, you have “allow positive” and “allow negative”, so what you can do is allow just the positive power, accumulate that to kWh and send it to a “in” feed (or “out” - I don’t know your convention for that). You then need to reset to zero to wipe the slate clean, add the input back in and repeat, this time with “allow negative”.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for the welcome and reply.
So far after playing around I’ve managed to show the generation as a total daily using a kwhd feed which seems to be working well.

Yes I have the ac adapter to power the tx and have been using again a kwhd feed which is working quite well as it goes up or down depending on flow so gives me a rough idea of what’s left in the battery using the battery display on the dashboard, I say roughly as it resets to zero at midnight