Setup for connecting MultiSIBControl application to Emoncms


I would like to ask for some help regarding the setup of my application that I use for monitoring my solar setup locally. The software has a place where I can link it to Emoncms but I cant seem to get the data to start uploading.

Anyone that has struggled with this before?

Hi welcome.

Your question is very vague, can you offer quite a bit more details, please?

I have the same app but have yet to try to get it to upload info to emoncms. The app is This app can connect to Pylontech batteries and also some inverters. This is the section in settings for the upload settings


It’s a pity the application provider doesn’t supply slightly better documentation (e.g. not sure why they felt it was necessary to redact so much of the Emoncms URL in their example) but they’ll be using the Emoncms Input API so the docs here should help: Emoncms - input api

It will need your “Read & Write” API Key. The main question is how much of the URL to include but try and if that doesn’t work try

If you’re sending data to a local Emoncms rather than then the URL will need adapting accordingly.

You can probably use a non-numeric node as well.

I’d also make the upload 10s - in anycase, your Input Process to log the data should match.


Thanks for all the replys.

Yes the application Im trying to use ist he

The link Emoncms - input api just takes me to a blank website.

Under the Inputs page I can see that it pulled in more information about by inverter and batteries, but Im not sure how to get the setup on the Feeds page?

Great sounds like it’s working!

Take a look at the guide here: emonCMS: Getting started emonPi/Base — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation while it is focused on a local emoncms installation much of the same applies to setting up feeds on

You wont need it now, but for future reference, it’s possible to access the API documentation when not logged in from:

Thanks Trystan,

Looks like I’ve made quite som progress using your advice.

Next question is how to use the feeds in the cheapest way to monitor all my data?