Setup EmonTH

Hi, I have just purchased 10 more Emonth to add to the 4 I have off the emonpi. The nodes were set up prior to despatch. I have powered them up the green LED has gone out but I cannot see them in my inputs. Any ideas? Thansk


You need to remove any existing non-emonTH Nodes in your emonhub.conf with NodeIDs that conflict with those of your new emonTHs, and copy as many as required of an existing emonTH Node configuration and renumber them with the NodeIDs allocated by the Shop to your new emonTHs.

(And possibly give them meaningful names).

Thanks very much for this, I will give it a try later.


Hi Robert mamnaged to set it all up ok and it is now logging.
My question to the forum now is that I have read that I can hook up 30 Emonth’s to a single Emopi. Is this just a matter of setting up more node inputs? If so what are the max number of nodes? I notice in the emonhub.conf the nodes start at 5, so waht is the nuerical range of nodes ie 5 to 35 or say 1-31, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

thanks in advance.


The rules are:
According to JeeLib (the library that we use) Nodes 0 - 31 are available, but 0 and 31 are special. We use Node 5 for the emonPi (but you can change that).
You must not have two nodes with the same ID.

So if my maths works as it should, that leaves you 1 – 4 and 6 – 30 inclusive.

If you are using your emonPi, that works out at 29. If you’re not using the voltage/current/power/temperature/pulse count from the emonPi, you can inhibit that (by changing the software, or use an emonBase instead) and use Node 5, giving you 30.

And you continue allocating and applying the Node IDs exactly as you have done so far - delete the non-emonTH ones and use the numbers for copies of the emonTH.

Bear in mind that all use the same radio channel, so as the emonTHs multiply, so will the chances of a collision in the radio band, and the data will be lost. Each packet takes 3.4 ms to transmit, and that happens every 55 s (approx), so the chances of two packets overlapping aren’t great, but they are not zero.

Thanks that is great I will take a look.