Setting up PV Feeds and App for new system

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Hello, so I have added a recently purchases emonTx via serial connection to a pi with emoncms running on it. I have the 4 current feeds, voltage feed, and superfluous other feeds (message, energy, temp, pulse).

I tried following and adjusting the instructions at Solar PV Guide - but apparently not correctly :grinning: I believe I have a ‘Type 2’ system, 2 120V legs coming in from the grid (Black and Red), then the two wires from the solar system come in and attach to the grid feed, and then that connects to the main switch. I was trying to combine the two grid inputs to get the import feeds, then to log the two solar to get the solar and then all 4 to get use.

I’m confident that I have the CT’s setup correctly. As I’m writing this, both grids are negative, in the screen shot though, one is at 122W and the other is 2W, with the solar being 277 and 273. So, I would assume import of 124, solar 550 and use of 674? But what I’ve got currently is obviously very wrong :grimacing:

Here’s what I have on the inputs screen:

And the definition for the two inputs:

On the feeds page:

And lastly my app:

Hello @montgomeryb looks like you are missing ‘Log to feed’ processes to create the ‘use’ and ‘import’ feeds? you have use_kwh there and import_kwh but not the logging of the power feeds?

Doh. I’m sure I followed that step - but I suspect I didn’t press the add button. I’ve done that now and it’s looking good :+1:

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Interested to know your experiences of this. I’m going to do a full set of instructions on this (at some point).

Definitely happy to share. Feel free to PM me - or I will add a link here with an @ tag to a write up when I do it.

Just write here - new thread might be an idea.