Setting up EmonBase (RFM69Pi) - No data being received?

Hi, I’ve been using OEM for a couple of years, but I’ve just started the move to a Raspberry Pi 2 with a new RFM69Pi (868Mhz) using the EmonCMS SD card image (03May16). Sadly I’m having an issue receiving data from my nodes.
The setup seems fine, SD card written, logged in, account created, OS updated, EmonHub config edited with frequency and group updated, rebooted just in case but no data is arriving.
The red LED on the RFM69Pi is on solidly, not sure if that should be flashing?
Connecting to the RFM69Pi using minicom shows the minicom banner, but then does nothing (no data?), but I can’t type ‘v’ to get the RFM69Pi to show it’s version number. Is this because EmonCMS still has the port assigned?

Any help much appreciated!

Oh dear, sorry to hear your having trouble. If the red led on the RFM69Pi is on continuously this indicates a hardware fault with the Rf module. Please contact shop support they will sort you out with a repayment. Very sorry about this: [email protected]

Hi Glyn,
Well, that’s annoying, but at least it means I’m not going mad or missed something obvious!
Email sent as requested.

Yay! Replacement RFM69Pi arrived, plugged in and the data started piling in! Result!

Many thanks to Glyn, now that’s what I call great customer service!

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