Setting the "warning" time on an Input?

I have a number of inputs to my emonPI, via various sources, they all have different update frequencies. Some such as the opto isolators on the heating zone valves only report on a change in state.

On the inputs screen, what determines if a signal is shown as red/amber/green, it’s based on the last timestamp, but it’s different per tag and I don’t see anywhere abvious to set it?

Also looking at the screenshot hw_outlet_t has a “n/a” for storage space, yet other thing s like the weather station show 154Kb? The hw_outlet_t is definately stored, so it must use disk space?

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at the bottom of the feed list should be a button “refresh feed size” click this and the feed storage size should refresh


Thanks, Indeed there is - I see I am in fact using 120Mb for my feeds, still not a lot really - but more than the 350k I had before!