Setting data validity time to manage memory

Hi all

Running Raspberry Pi with EmonCMS on 64GB SD card, latest version of EmonCMS at time of writing.

I have a lot of nodes each reporting temperature, humidity, smoke, CO, LPG, Light and Power to EmonCMS. For the purposes of data analysis in relation to other environmental changes I want to keep a high poll rate, but this inevitably produces lots of data and eats up memory fast.

To help manage the memory consumption, could there possibly be an option to set the validity period/overwrite time for each feed? Perhaps by data used, or actual time (eg 6 months, 1 year, 5 years etc). Alternatively, could EmonCMS have the option for data to be off-loaded/archived to an FTP server or other network storage device which then is recalled if I want to view it?

In terms of a web, linux and database skillset I’m useless and muddle through, so something nice in the gui maybe?

Apologise if this can already be done and I haven’t seen it, or if there are back-end functions I could undertake and am not aware of. EmonCMS seems great at creating data…but then seems not to be able to manage it at a later date. The less maintenance, the better.

Your thoughts?

Many thanks