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Server date keeps changing to a time many months in the past

I have set the date on my emonpi about a dozen times using the SSH interface, after which it functions fine for a while. It’s when I leave it sit for a few months though that the date changes to some random date in the past. As an energy auditor, I move my equipment around a lot and have several different types of configurations for the inputs/feeds that vary depending on what I’m trying to monitor.
When I’ve let my equipment sit for a while and then temporarily install it a customer’s home that the server date changes. Often I miss this detail and then all of the data gets logged for sometime in the past. Luckily I can take the columnar data and paste it into a spreadsheet and apply a DateAdd() function to those columns and do my graphing accurately. But it sure is a bugger having to do this so frequently.
Attached are some screen grabs of the admin interface and graphing pages. The date when I grabbed these screen shots was January 7th, 2022:

Does anyone know why the date keeps changing to some arbitrary time in the past?

Can it access the Internet while installed in a customer’s home?

As far as I can tell, the EmonPi doesn’t have any way to keep local time while the power is off, unless you added a module similar to that described in EmonPi - OpenEnergyMonitor Wiki, so it resets itself from Network Time Protocol (NTP) every boot. Can you see the boot messages to see if that succeeds?