Serious issues with data accuracy in MyElectric2

What am I doing wrong?

I am running emoncms on a RPi 4, emonpi 5.10.103-v71+. Data from Iotawatt is coming in fine. I’m not sure why I can’t get accurate info into the MyElectric2 app. No matter what feeds I choose for the app, the numbers are not correct. I’ve tried many formats. Can someone walk me thru this config? Let me know what info you need to see.


Can I suggest you add screenshots of your config and what the app shows, with a bit of text saying what is wrong and what you are expecting to see?

I figured it out. Incorrect historical data was skewing the graphs. I was able to delete that from the db. However, it has happened again, not sure why.

I think IotaWatt keeps on uploading the data in its memory. So if it is bad there, it will keep uploading bad data.

Better asked on the IotaWatt forum.

The data is not bad but for some reason my accumulated values jumped up more than double that one day. I don’t see how to fix that.

If on iotawatt, you need to ask there.

@gordopnac where are your accumulated values calculated? are you using ‘power to kWh’ in input processing? can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?