Serial output is gobble-de-gook

Gah someone please help me here I’m stuck trying to see the output of my emonTH on the serial port.

I have my UART to USB plugged in. I can upload sketches fine. I’ve uploaded the emonTH v2 sketch with debug=1 but all I get on the console is stuff like this:


I’m guessing it’s something wrong with the settings. I’m using PlatformIO’s IDE, on my Mac, and as I say I can upload sketches fine so I’m guessing things are set up relatively OK. The baud is set to 9600, but I’m not able to clarify if the other settings are right. This is what it’s setting up the serial connection with:

Miniterm on /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART  9600,8,N,1

Any thoughts anyone?

Oh, duh… Let’s look in the code:


Right that explains it! Working now… Apologies.

/me goes to get more coffee

That sort of output on a serial link is invariably a wrong baud rate (in my experience anyway).

Yeh I assumed so too, but saw that 9600 is generally used on OEM stuff. But I failed to double check in the code. Once I did I saw that this sketch sets it to 115200. Silly mistake!