Sending hex/text values to emonCMS?

I try to send some text sensor value to emonCMS: 04B68692183180
Sadly this is not working. It cuts off after 04.
Any trick/workaround to push the full 04B68692183180 line to emonCMS?

Which method are you using to post data to OEM?

I suspect that OEM doesn’t accept hexadecimal numbers at all, but if it did you should prefix the number with 0x so that it knows the number is hex. I.e. 0x04B68692183180.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to convert the hex to decimal before sending it.

If the data enters via emonHub (r.f. or serial, not Wi-Fi/Ethernet), information for emonHub and the formats it accepts is here:

At the moment the data goes via MQTT to Node Red, there I push the data via the emonCMS Node Red node in Valid JSON object mode.