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Sending data to local emoncms from emonbase

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My aim- to use emonbase and emontx to send data to my own databse and then emoncms to read the data from my database.
I got an emonbase and an emonTx and I have set up a local mysql database by following the steps in the link below

I am currently having issues connecting the emonbase to my local database. My feeds does not receive anything at the moment.

I am using someone else’s emonbase which was previously set to a particular ethernet port and still is.

I am very poor in any kind of programming and would really appreciate any help.

I am open to ideas for any other method of accomplishing my aim.


Hello @nurullahakash

If you have the option I would recommend hosting emoncms on a raspberrypi using our pre-build SD card image. This comes with all the required dependencies and everything working out of the box

Otherwise, do your inputs update? Do you see anything under inputs?

I wanted to have my own database, that is why I tried my method.

My inputs dont update as well. here is a screenshot.

Also, thanks so much for the fast reply.

otherwise, can you tell me where I can access the raw data from? if logging normally in the sd card.

As a matter of interest, why do you need to use your own database? SQL is not well suited to timeseries data. I could understand wanting to use InfluxDB.

One way would be to get your data from emonhub via MQTT then process it with Node-Red for a different database.