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I been trying to set an email alert, but not having much luck.

Temperature sensor on EV Charger Cable to monitor its temperature
If Temperature goes above 60º trigger an email alert
Trigger only Once or Trigger it then wait 1 hour, if temp > 60º trigger again

My first attempt was simple with IF <, Skip next. However once the temps went above 60º i would get an email every 10 seconds.

I then tried to implement the If Mute. However - and i understand why - i get an email every 1440seconds, regardless of the actual temperature. This is my latest implementation

I thought i had it solved with this process list but it doesnt quite work, what am i doing wrong please?

I have another alert i would like to set as well, the voltage where i live is quite erratic, being very influenced by load, so i wanted to set a email alert. IF Voltage > 250 or Voltage < 215, trigger email - ONCE


As a side note, the supported template tags: {type}, {id}, {key}, {name}, {node}, {time}, {value}
are not working. Only time seems to work currently.
So if we use the example body text:
At {time} your {type} from {node} with key {key} named {name} had value {value}.
Email will return At 019-08-11 19:59:08 your {type} from {node} with key {key} named {name} had value {value}.

I think i didnt wrap my brain arround the right way to implement this.

Any advice please?

Hello @gilaraujo did you provide SMTP email settings in emoncms/settings.php?

// (OPTIONAL) Email SMTP, used for password reset or other email functions
$smtp_email_settings = array(
  'port'=>"465",  // 25, 465, 587
  'from'=>array('[email protected]' => 'EmonCMS'),
  // comment lines below that dont apply
  'encryption'=>"ssl", // ssl, tls
  'username'=>"[email protected]",

I think the issues Gil is having is more with the way the email is triggered and constructed as he has received email notifications, too many it would seem!

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Aha ok, the Send Email event was originally added by @nchaveiro. Im not that familiar with it unfortunately. Perhaps @nchaveiro can help?

Not that familiar…?

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Thank you all so far
Yes smtp as well as changing the default email from [email protected] was done.

As far as i can see there are 2 things a bit wrong - or maybe user error:
a) it will not email to the user email. It will mail to [email protected]
b) from the template tags: {type}, {id}, {key}, {name}, {node}, {time}, {value} , only Time seems to be working

Regarding my issue, my problem probably is the construction of the trigger. I might not be yet able to wrap my head arround it.

I will wait to see if @nchaveiro can give a hand!

Thank you

I am interested in this as well, did you get to resolve this and would you mind sharing?

I would suggest that you send the current value to an MQTT topic and use Node-Red to process the alert and / or use Home Assistant to automate an action…

Redis is required for the mute process to work. Is it enabled?
Im still using emoncms v9 and every template variable works. Maybe something got changed meantime and broke it…