Send command to IOT device?


Is it possible for emoncms to send a command to a IOT device, like a Raspberry Pi or Arduino?

Another IOT platform, “MediaTek Cloud Sandbox” has such a function, which works quite well on the Linkit One dev board, but it’s not nearly as nice to work with as emoncms.

Basically you add a add a “Control” option in their web portal, and then monitor for it to change via some Arduino code (I’m sure it could be done from a Raspberry Pi with Python as well) and then whenever that command is “triggered” in the web portal, the Arduino would perform the action.

Here’s a quite tutorial to switch on / off the onboard LED on an Arduino:

NOW, can emoncms (I’m using, but could install it locally as well, if I have to?) to something like this? I didn’t see in the dashboard, so perhaps it’s something totally different from what I’d expect to look for?

Emoncms is primarily a data logging platform, NodeRED / OpenHAB are better platforms for control/commands. They are both built into the emonPi / emonBase. See


I use, not the locally hosted version. Ideally, I want to use one interface to monitor, and control my IOT devices, if at all possible.