Send adjusted readig to

I have a emonpi that I have manully calibrated the CT clamps within the process list, in short:
Like this:

(some of the calibrations are wrong now as I have been tweeking them)

The emonpi seems to send the raw data before processing to and I can’t set up the same process on as the If >=, skip next is not availble on, is there a way to send the output to after the processing has been done on the local pi.

Hello @Barry_Osborne unfortunately not at the moment, but I am considering adding these processes to soon. Have you considered alternatively just logging the data locally on the emonPi and using a remote access service to access the Pi remotely? e.g Remote Access - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

I was doing that and just logging in to the pi locally, although I did an update that made it go all wonky was missing the app and dashboard section.

So this morning i formatted the sd card and started from scratch so can now go back to using it locally and port forward if i want to add remote access down the line.

Thanks for your reply

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