Seemingly random current / kWh charged readings

Over the last couple of months, my OpenEVSE unit has started throwing the occasional wobbly - putting very high current figures out and integrating those so that the claimed kWh charged is unfeasibly high. Apparently I charged 252kWh on 31st May and 196kWh on 10th June! Mostly it’s working correctly; any ideas?

Mm that’s strange. Could you plot the openevse power reading on the graph? Do they look normal?

Also are you providing VRMS from the emonTx / emonPi via MQTT or are you using the preset value of 240v?

Hi Glyn,

Sorry for the delay in responding - partly down to kids getting Covid! I’ve also been looking into it again and realise it probably isn’t openevse that’s causing the problem. When I first had an EV in 2015 I had a dumb charger and had a CT on the feed to it, when I upgraded to the openevse I kept that to start and then, having since added a heat pump, I ran out of inputs, so started using the openevse outputs, but continued integrating it to the same total. I think the error maybe originating in NodeRed where I divide the totals between solar and grid, so I need to look more carefully - as always, it hasn’t happened for a while now!