Searching for user GJPickard

Hi all,

In the archived forum, a user “GJPickard” contributed some information about working with a Schlumberger R5 gas meter (in Cracking Gas metering | Archived Forum).
I am trying to get in touch with that user, but he doesn’t seem to have a corresponding username in the new forum. Does anyone know who he is and how I could get in touch with him?



I searched the list of users on this forum and did not find anyone with that name. I looked for initials, last name, email, etc. Hopefully someone else will recognize the name.

Is there something we could help you with?


In this 13/10/2015 post, he mentioned an Arduino sketch attached. It looks
like attachments in the old forum haven’t been retained and I’m therefore
trying to see whether he still has it in his files.


I have a feeling that the attachments were also archived, but I cannot remember where.
TBH what your trying to achieve should be capable with the standard sketch as you’re just pulse counting.


However it looks like many files were lost see the Stability of Archived Forum Posts discussion.

it seems any files that are just attached and not actually linked to from within the text are lost.

I strongly suspect the membership records have been destroyed too, so there will be no way for even the @admins to contact him.

The original post does mention that he is using interrupts, so it will be well worth trying the standard sketch. The issue of the count resetting when batteries are changed might be because he’s counting pulses in the Arduino/Moteino, but not checking for the count going backwards where he handles the display. (EmonCMS recognises that and saves the old maximum as a ‘sub-total’, to which it adds the new incoming count to give the all-time total.)

Have you tried Google or LinkedIn to see if you can identify him/her?


I have a shlumberger R5 connected with a cable (cut up modem cable RJ11 to 3.5 jack) to the pulse port of emontx v2. It uses the internal Arduino pull up resistor.

I read around on the forums and arrived at developing

A timer and not interrupt based solution. Very, very, stable pulse detection for coming up to a year. Might be an approach to rework for your kit.

Kind regards