SDM120C Counter

i have an SDM120C net analyzer that i use with my RasPi in order to read the power and the counter via ModBus.

Moreover, i send this data to my account and until here it’s all perfect…

In my emoncms account i have two inputs: instant power and counter

I have create two feeds, one for power and one for the counter but i can’t configure the counter in order to have a daily consumption!

I use the “x” function set to 0.001 in order to have kWh from Wh, i create a log and after that i use the function “Wh Accumulator” but i cannot see the daily consumption i have a number with 4 number… too high!

how i can configure this counter?

PS: the counter isn’t an optical counter but a real counter in Wh

Anyone has this issue??

I do not think this is unique to your chosen device and the principle is pretty much the same as a pulse count except an “actual counter” probably won’t ever reset or roll over, negating the need for the “WhAccumulator” a simple “log to feed” would work just fine.

See How to get correct kWh/W values from Pulse for a recent discussion on getting kWhd and power readings from a pulse count, as far as emoncms is concerned it is an ever increasing number, it doesn’t know or care if it’s a pulse counter or an actual meter reading.