SD card wear - remove the SD card?

I know we’ve discussed techniques such as log2ram and issues like logrotate to death here, and all with the goal of reducing writes to the SD card in order to keep it working for longer.

So I was a bit surprised when I came across this yesterday:

which was posted over three years ago! I’m surprised nobody has mentioned it as a possible solution. If there’s no SD card, then it can’t wear out, right?

What am I missing?

The article is about setting up a Pi to perform a network boot via the wired Ethernet port.
A boot server and a wired LAN connection are needed to be able to boot via this method.
The LAN connection is not an option for many users, and setting up a TFTP boot
server can be a hassle. Plus it’s another point of failure. If it dies, the Pi is unable to boot.

Yes, but my emonBase connects via wired Ethernet and there are PCs on the network. I can’t imagine I’m the only one in that situation. In fact I’d expect it to be very common, probably the majority?

Instead of going to the trouble of configuring a TFTP boot server, the downward trend in SSD cost
together with the fact the reliability is in multiple Terabytes written, makes an booting from
an SSD the way to go. (IMHO) No moving parts. Low heat output. Low power draw.

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I’m sure it has been mentioned previously.


Network booting is available on Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+, and 2B v1.2 only.


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