Schedule and Virtual Feed. Feeds window no longer loads


I’m using emoncms on an emonpi. Version: low-write 10.8.5

I created a couple of schedules, then was attempting to create a virtual feed that used them. When I try to reload the feeds window, the GUI just spins with a waiting icon indefinitely. Other windows and functionality seems to be working fine. I rebooted the pi, no help.

So my question is, can I remove the schedules or virtual feeds from the command line to see if that restores normal GUI behavior?

I noticed in the Admin page of the GUI, the feedwriter service was not running (I think it was before, only the emonPiLCD service is not normally running as I don’t have that hardware.

When I press Start or Restart on that service, it just updates the message:
Inactive DeadService is not running 22561 feed points pending write

Inactive DeadService is not running 22989 feed points pending write

Any hints on the way forward?



Hello @mzcmzc if you open in a browser:


it might return with a useful error.

If you then know the feedid of the virtual feed that you have created you can delete it with:


Thanks Trystan for the idea. I had not thought of using the API like that.

I had an old backup from a month ago, and I was trying to merge that with a current one to try to restore that and remove the feed issue without losing a months worth of data.

Then I realised that the menus other than feeds were working, so I tried to delete the 2 schedules that I’d created. As soon as I did that, the feeds window was restored. So it must have been something in the schedules that created virtual feeds that the system was not happy about, even though they seem to be sanity checked at input.

I can’t remember exactly what I had, but one thing might have been I had seconds in the times, and I was not aware that leading zeros were required, so either of those might have been the issue.

The other weird thing I’ve not fully understood yet is the time zone aspect of schedules. I know it’s meant to be the time zone of the user who creates the schedule. My user has the time zone set to UTC, and I set the schedules accordingly, and they seem to be working. The bit I don’t understand is the graphs are displayed in local time. Maybe there is a time zone setting that applies to the graphs that I’m missing, as the pi has no concept of my actual timezone that I can see.