Sandpit test of posting jpeg schematics size check

(dave) #1

babble, babble, babble.
3-phase… babble…
STM23… babble…

op’s need to go to the basics to see how to post schematic jpeg pics.

(Robert Wall) #2

Drag & drop?

Or use the Upload button. (Hover your mouse over the icons at the top of your edit box to find it.)

(dave) #3

476x563 jpeg from screen capture

(dave) #4


smaller jpeg 622 x 254

(dave) #5

picture size of about 250 high with small schematic seems to fit well.

(Robert Wall) #6

If this isn’t you messing about and testing Discourse, and you’re expecting anybody to look at this and comment, you’d better move it from the Sandpit. :smile:

(dave) #7

I am just making sure the text and pictures are correct before I post it .

My spelling and grammar are in need of triple checking.

(dave) #8

Thanks, the sandpit saved me from a dozen revisions in the actual forum.
I placed in hardware, hope that is the correct place.

(Robert Wall) #9

Just looking at what you’re doing with those jumpers…

If you connect the jack sleeve to the top of the burden via a 240 Ω, 1 W resistor, and put a single jumper around it, and connect the ADC input directly to the top of the burden, then you only need the one jumper. You dissipate a little over ½ W in the resistor (which will actually lower distortion in the a.c. adapter).