Samsung Gen 6 Quiet Mode

I’ve had a Gen 6 8kw pump installed for just over a year now, but only really got my head round running it properly the last few weeks. Currently have it set as a fixed flow temp of 35 degrees running 24hrs a day. Normally it draws around 0.5kw. However, recently I set up the quiet mode in the schedule, and noticed that when quite mode is activated the flow rate increase up to around 48 degrees, the draw jumps to 1.8kw and the noise from the outdoor unit increases. Which is the exact opposite to what I’d expect from quiet mode.

Anyone have any similar problems? Maybe I’ve got a problem with the field settings somewhere? Any idea to how to fix this, maybe a factory reset of all settings?


I believe quiet mode should limit the maximum output of the compressor.

I’ve only experimented with quiet mode briefly for central heating, and observed quite confusing results. At least on my heat pump (5kW Gen6) enabling quiet mode resulted in rapid cycling and higher current draw, lower COP and more noise! Based upon this observation, I would not recommend using quiet mode for central heating.

Interested to hear your observations.

Quiet mode seems to work as expected for DHW, it limited maximum compressor output, the DHW cycle took longer, COP was slightly improved and noise was reduced, although my Gen6 unit is quiet anyway.

Thanks Glyn

Firstly I was really struggling with my Heat pump until I came across you Youtube videos, they really helped me get my head round operating a heat pump. Up until then I was pulling my hair out with really expensive electricity bills.

Sounds to me like quiet mode isn’t worth playing with, particularly with heating since I leave the heating on 24 hours. Thanks for the help.

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