Safely reboot emonBase

Hello all,

I have an emonBase which is fed data from an Iotawatt via my LAN. I will be having some electrical work done soon which will mean the power will be turned off so I wanted to check how to safely shut the emonBase down.

I might be being overly cautious here but I’ve seen some posts where people have had some issues when rebooting an emonSD system because of the low write features.

I will pause the upload on the Iotawatt first, but then can I just issue a shutdown command to the Pi or do I need to wait a certain amount of time to ensure the feed data has been written to the SD card? Is there another command I should run to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

If you go to the web interface, then into the Admin tab and scroll down to bottom of the page, you will find a shutdown button. Use that, it will tidy everything up, flush the buffers and shutdown.
Yanking the power plug will eventually cause issues, you’ll be fine with a clean shutdown.

When you power it back on, keep a eye on it for a few minutes to make sure everything comes back up, that data is being received, appearing in the inputs, appearing in the feeds and then in the graphs. When it’s nicely in the graphs, everything is running great again!

I thought I’d looked everywhere for a shutdown button, but apparently not! Thanks for confirming this will do what I want.