Runtime for ashp compressor

Hi does anyone no if there is a maximum continous run time for the Samsung compressor
Its a question i have asked Samsung UK a couple of days ago but no one has replied
Perhaps they would rather not say.
I have googled about it and there are varying answers.
As with all electruc motors its the start/stop that puts the most wear on them but as im no expert on hvac compressors i just wondered if anyone knew the answer

There is no maximum runtime, the compressor will be quite happy running 24/7. As you say, the compressor will quite possibly last longer running continuously rather than staring and stopping. Either way, I wouldn’t worry about longevity, fridges have similar compressors and last for decades even while cycling.

Even if they wanted to, I doubt the manufactures are able to predict the exact longevity, there are so many factors at play. But there are many examples of ASHPS and A/C units which are over 10 years old and still running. Apparently the common lifespan for an A/C unit is 15-20 years, there’s more historic longevity data on A/C units, but they are basically the same as ASHPS.


Thanks Glynn

Robert Kerr at Samsung did respond last thing yesterday and also said as far as he was aware there was no max runtime but he would check

I run mine on the stop pn run signal only as it seems to be cheaper to run that way than having the compressor keep switching on and off on any of the other settings and once the house gets up to set point it stops on the external thermostat signal



I would guess at 10,000-50,000 hours max runtime depending on the design life / quality of the compressor.

Starts and stops are more what kills them.

Thanks Marco

Samsung texh guy did say he would ask the question was just interested as mine does run sometimes all day without stopping

Just speeds up to do hot water and then returns to low speed after that


Hi Glynn

Just to let you know Robert Kerr at Samsung tech has had confirmation back from Samsung manufacturing that there is no max runtime for the compressor but when it does run it should be for a minimum of 15 minutes. So with the minimum off time would make 3 starts an hour

He did also say that Samsung confirmed that running continuously is far better than start stopping

Regards John