Rules not working reliably controller v4

I have set my rules to operate the charger (relay 1) and the discharge (relay 2) contactors. It seems to be fine and working like it should when the controller is just started, but after a minute or 2 both the relays turn off even if nothing has changed and continue to be off. Here is a screenshot of the rules I set up.

Is there something I have missed, or is there a bug in the software?
Version of the controller: Compiled_Firmware_2022-09-06-10-34
The modules are version v4.40

Not sure what is the deal with this controller, but I had I running for maybe 3 days, not using the battery, so voltage was the same. Today the controllers relays were both off, but they should be on according to my rules. I restarted the controller a few times, and it worked well for 1–2 minutes, then it turns off and keeps being off. After around 30 minutes of runtime I could not access to control via web interface so when I go there to reboot it, then both relays are on again. The web interface has been fine but at the moment it isn’t working most of the time, not sure why, I have 4 different Wi-Fi devices in a small area, not sure if that is causing issues. The display is not working half of the time, it turns off, sometimes I can turn it on by touching it, often it’s just black and not responding to touch. Most important is that the rules are working reliably.