RS485 Support for EPEver Charge Controllers

Good evening,

I haven’t tried yet, as I’m waiting for new ESP32s since I crossed my TX/RX lines with the new controller and AIO module and blew out a GPIO… but was wondering if support for EPEver charge controllers can be added?

They have a list of their MODBUS registers in a PDF:

The main functions have been compiled into a quick reference chart:

If these commands would fit an already created profile, I’d be happy to try that as well.

Thanks in advance!

I had started working on it at one point but didn’t get too far into it. I also created a breakout board that used the standard RJ45 cables that EPSolar (who makes EPEver products) uses and the screw terminals that diyBMS uses.

Unfortunately the scope of changes for EPSolar were becoming a bit bigger than either @stuart or I had wanted and the attempt was shelved as a result.

Also note that there are a number of copies / clones of the docs out there, some with inaccuracies in them. I received mine directly from EPSolar and can confirm their accuracy for some of their devices, including the inverters.

I see, thanks. Is there another type of supported model that won’t break the bank, aside from Victron or Pylontech? $200 vs $800 is quite a big jump in pricing.

The EPSolar products work well but they are not controllable from diyBMS today. I used the Windows software with a generic USB<->RS485 adapter to reconfigure the charge controller so the limits are set correctly for my battery setup.

I may revisit the EPSolar support in the future but I have a few too many things on my plate right now.

As for alternatives, I’m not sure there are other supported inexpensive controllers.

Alright, thanks! I’ll take a look into the Triron 4212N controller I currently have and poke around the code, as I do dabble in hardware troubleshooting as a hobby and have worked in PCB repair for the last decade.

Is there currently any support to poll read-only values to pass to either influx or the webui with EPSolar? I’m unsure if Victron/PT use the same modbus register addresses to map specific values, such as charging current, so I’ll start collecting that documentation to take a look.

I’d be happy to test and change code with my testing environment, as this is only a small scale, proof of concept setup running at 24V ~ 7S5P with 18650 cells and a few of the new AIO monitoring boards, once I finish the soldering.

Appreciate the replies and have a great day!

There isn’t any code to share at this point for this. I last looked at adding support for it sometime last year and shelved the project as it outgrew the diyBMS project scope considerably. Now the code (if I could find it again) would be so out of date it would be best to start over.